Family owned & operated for 70 years

Trusted supplier of custom commercial & Mil-Spec packaging, building supplies & design consultation.

We continue a long-standing tradition of delivering value through strong customer service, superior workmanship and wide-ranging production capabilities.

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Machining versatility

Whatever you are shipping, we understand that priority #1 is getting your product to its destination safely. We will work with you to design the best packaging value for your project, taking into consideration both functionality and cost. The result will be well-made packaging to suit your shipping needs.

  • Custom lumber, plywood, foam packaging
  • ISPM 15 Compliant - HT Stamped for export
  • Commercial & Mil-Spec crating
  • Shipping & Warehousing
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OuR Partners

Let us be your industrial packaging partner.

Customer service is our foundation. Each customer has a unique product requirement, and we will be there every step of the way to provide a solution and “make it happen.” Our customers include manufacturers of:

▪ Medical Equipment
▪ Rail transit systems & components
▪ Tool & die products
▪ Mainframe computers
▪ Defense Materials
▪ Precision dimensional measurement equipment

▪ Radio frequency machinery
▪ Nuclear plant equipment
▪ Photographic film and equipment
▪ Steel framing
▪ Glass & ceramic coated rollers
▪ Kiosks
▪ Refrigeration/precision heating units

▪ Precision sheet metal fabrications
▪ Laboratory equipment
▪ Video inspection equipment
▪ Office copiers
▪ Films for medical, food, packaging, etc.

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Thinking Green

We grind our lumber and plywood scrap into mulch which is burned to heat our plant during the winter. In the summer, we give the mulch to a local farmer who uses it for livestock bedding. We're proud of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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