Marshall Boxes

Established 1920

Producing high quality industrial packaging.
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Our History

Marshall Boxes, Inc. has provided the Rochester area and Western New York with high quality lumber and plywood packaging since the 1920’s. We have been a family-owned company for 70 years, with our manufacturing facility at 715 Lexington Avenue since 1953. Now in our third generation, we continue a long-standing tradition of delivering value through strong customer service, superior workmanship and wide-ranging production capabilities.

Our goal is to deliver exactly what you ordered, when you want it. We have the workforce, technology and engineering expertise to create solutions to meet your packaging requirements. We take pride in making products that are priced right, made right and delivered on time.

Thank you for visiting. Please look through our company site to get more information on our products and services and give us a call at (585) 458-7432 to find out how we can best address your packaging needs. There will always be someone at our facility to pick up the phone during business hours.